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Here at Outlaws Girls, we see the value in everyone. This incredible football team wants to be a catalyst for positive change. We're driven by the same ideas and initially founded this group upon: support, empowerment, and progress.  We're also all about fun and competitive sports and work hard to reach our highest potential, and to always have a great time whenever we play.  


Our Story

Outlaws Girls

Started in 2018-19, with coach Shatadru Dutt who plays football and was an ex-cricketer. He wanted to start a revolution for women football. So, he met with our coach Rhea Rao and wanted to develop a football team – Outlaws. For the initial 3-4 months, just 3 of us used to come for the practice.

Gradually, he encouraged most female athletes to join the team for the sheer motive to have fun and enjoy the game. There were no coaching fees involved initially. Soon, Outlaws began to grow and now we have a squad strength of 35 female footballers.

The team environment is super friendly. Every player has a positive mindset and a fighting spirit. We help the newcomers and encourage them to improve. Off the field too, our team go on trips, go for karaoke nights and stick by each other. 

For us every team is a challenge. We take one game at a time and try to bring the best in us, which in turn inspires the opponent to push their limits. If they play well, we try and play better. It’s a healthy competition and collectively we want every athlete to do well and help the women's football grow. We practice a lot to level up our game.

Outlaws’s success story is amazing. We have won the majority of our tournaments. In fact, we can count and tell that we have lost just 4 tournaments so far. The momentum was lost because of Covid-19, but now we’re back on track. Best part is that the difficulty level of the tournaments is increasing day by day, which means the other teams are also doing well.

3-5 years down the line, we want our girls to represent the level they wish to. Bring in more people, go from 2 teams to 4-5 teams and also play tournaments all over India. A tip for every young female footballer – Start! It is the best sport to play. The key to life is to stay fit."

- Soumya Prasad, Captain

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